When they opened their new firm a year ago, we were probably one of their first clients. We have had the pleasure of working with Tim Lynn, Anthony D'Elia and other individuals within Centolella on one of our historic preservation real estate development projects. As you can imagine, this is an area that requires specific expertise and knowledge, not only in historic preservation, but also on a broad array of real estate legal matters. It is comforting to me that when I mention Tim Lynn's name as part of my legal team, people clearly recognize him as an expert in the field.

I have found their attention to detail and their ability to respond quickly to requests I make refreshing. Tim has the ability to instill confidence in your decision analysis because he is a smart guy with a broad range of knowledge and experience. To put it simply, I like working with him.

We will continue to rely on Centolella, Lynn, D'Elia & Temes, LLC for future development projects we undertake and highly recommend them to others.

Christina Schneider, CFO

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