Our Mergers and Acquisitions practice brings extensive experience and an interdisciplinary approach to this area of law. Our attorneys handled all types of transactions, including stock and asset sales and purchases, business mergers and combinations, business separations, and joint ventures and strategic alliances. Successful mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances drive innovation and allow corporate partners to benefit from each other’s strengths. To help our clients make the most of these partnerships, we help negotiate agreements and transactions that allow them to achieve maximum leverage from their resources. We assist clients with every aspect of a business acquisition and sale transaction. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the negotiation of purchase price and key deal terms and the structuring of transactions for optimum tax and business results. We often have to work with various ancillary stakeholders, such as community members, to achieve the client’s desired result. We work collaboratively with the client’s accountants, consultants and management team which gives us a unique understanding of the financial as well as legal structure of transactions.

In the health care space, to represent providers and non-providers in health care merger and acquisition transactions requires a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory constraints affecting providers, including exempt tax, antitrust, charitable trust and attorney general issues, the Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Law, and the Stark Law. Many of our attorneys in the Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Group have significant health care experience. The transactions our team has completed for our clients range in complexity from simple asset acquisitions or sales to more intricate deals such as sales to public companies and going – private transactions and from transactions including a single business location to transactions involving complex international business operations.

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