Reopening New York

By: Timothy Lynn

Today Governor Cuomo alerted everyone that re-opening New York will start on Friday.

Skaneateles Lake

It was nice that the Governor selected a photo of Skaneateles Lake in the summer. The docks are ready!

Each region should prepare for the re-opening. Ready to open means the number of hospitalizations and infection rates are declining and that a region has testing and tracing in place. Still requiring the 7 criteria:

1. 14-day decline in hospitalizations or fewer than 15 new hospitalizations
2. 14-day decline in hospitalized deaths or fewer than 5 deaths
3. New hospitalizations under 2 per 100,000 regional residents
4. At least 30% of hospital beds available
5. At least 30% of ICU beds available
6. 30 per 1,000 regional residents tested monthly
7. 30 contact tracers for every 100,000 regional residents (or to meet current infection rate)

The Governor provided a chart of where each region currently stands:


Central New York meets 6 of the 7 criteria — It fails to meet the 30 per 1,000 regional residents being tested monthly. Finger Lakes Region, Southern Tier and Mohawk Valley all satisfy all 7 criteria as of today.

Per the Governor, re-opening will start Friday.

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